Remote Consulting with Top Doctors Online

Worried about your health and not getting a doctor's appointment? No longer require you to go outside. Some of the best doctors in the nation are available to consult you at home. On NiftyHMS, you may instantly consult with top doctors online! You can visit with top reputable doctors through online video call in a matter of seconds, and they will treat you with the same level of professionalism as in-person consultations. Top experts in 20+ disciplines, including [...]

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Schedule Routine Appointments Via Whatsapp

The patient has booked primary care physician appointments on Whatsapp and gets confirmation quickly. Remote consulting was done via WhatsApp and delivered A1C tests were in advance to send back via mail at home. Phase: Diagnosis Archatype: Emerging risk Doesn't drive; has a husband and a son 50 years old; has obesity and other risk factors potentially related to diabetes Current state Schedules routine in-person wellness appointment with primary care physician (PCP) in an [...]

E-Prescriptions are Better to Deliver Medicine at Home

E-prescribing allows a physician or other medical expert to create a medical prescription for a patient electronically. The attending physician will then share this digital prescription with the patients or send it directly to a pharmacy. Phase: Provider consultation Archatype: Healthy/low risk 20 years old; has no chronic conditions Not married and has no children Current state Wakes up with burning sensation during urination; goes to urgent-care center Picks up prescribed antibiotics at the [...]

Proactively Manage Chronic Conditions with NiftyHMS

NiftyHMS is a safe and cost-effective health software that allows you to provide proactive care to your patients. This mobile and web-based platform saves patients' comprehensive health records, allows for immediate access to emergency treatment, allows for quick and easy appointment booking, creates reminders, and records patient vitals. Everything works perfectly! Phase: Treatment and discharge Archatype: Bernadette 75 years old; has coronary artery disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes. Lives with husband, who has limited mobility; struggles [...]

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