1) Online Appointments

Online Appointments

3 Step Patient Appointment booking

Accept Online Payment of Appointments

Patient Pre-screening on WhatsApp

Waiting Room for Online Appointments

Virtual Consultation by Secure Link

2) Queue management

Manage Outpatient Que effectively

Save money by hiring less Admin staff to manage the que

Engage OPD patient with easy to access menu

Patient flow mapped in 5 stages

Patient Waiting/Check-in

Patient Engaged status

Completed Appointment status

Missed Appointment for rescheduling

3) Remote Consulting

Video Conferencing and Telemedicine

Consultation via Zoom or Google Meet

Automatic Virtual meeting link generation on the appointment confirmation

Reminder before 10 min on WhatsApp

Patients and Doctors can join from Mobile Directly

Language Interpretation

4) Notification

Doctor and Patient Notifications

Patient notification on appointment Confirmation, Payment, prescription, and lab reports

Message Notification

Message Sent Box

Message Inbox

Send New Messages

5) Patient Forms

Consent Form

Customizable Patient Forms

Patient Registration Form

Patient Wise Assessment Form

Prescription Form

Patient Prescreening Form

6) Prescriptions

Prefilled Medicine list for easy prescription

Define your own medicine for prescription

Prescribed medicine for individual patient with ease

Multiple medicines can be prescribed at once

Upload photo of the prescription

Print prescription with doctor’s Sign for legal purpose

Send Prescription on Email and WhatsApp

7) Doctor’s Schedule

Doctors availability calendar

Manage Time Slots for Appointment Scheduling

Wait List

Appointment-Based Reports

Holiday List

Schedule an appointment directly from the Calendar

8) Assessment Templates

Default Assessment Template

Edit template as per your need

7+ Fields Types to Customize Template

Next Appointment in Assessment Template

Nearest Pharmacy Option

Media files Upload

9) Vaccination

Category wise vaccination list

Add, Edit, Delete and View Vaccination from list

Set Vaccine Price

Define Vaccine name and Description

Patient Wise Vaccination History

Vaccination Certificates

Option to Print, PDF and Directly Sent PDF to Patient

Vaccine Scheduler

Automated Vaccine Reminder

Vaccine for Child – Pediatrician module

Vaccine for Pet – Veterinary module

10) Patient Admissions

Auto-Generated Patient ID at register time

Option to assign Doctor at admit time

Social history of the Patient

Medical History of the Patient

Guardian Information of Patient

Auto-Generated Guardian ID

Define Relation with Patient

11) Treatments

Add Treatment As per Your Specialization

Set Price for Treatment

Treatment Assigned in Operations

Create invoices for individual Treatments

System default treatments

Doctors can add treatment plans

12) Operations

Individual Patients wise Operation Entry

Option to Add, Edit and Delete Operation

Define Operation Status

Assign Operation to Specialist

OT Notes for Doctor

Discharge Notes for Patient

Discharge Summary for Patient

13) Pharmacy

Category wise medicine

Add Multiple Medicines with one click

Medicine Manufactured Batch Number and Expiry Date

Medicine Stock Management

Dispatch Medicine

Patient wise Prescription invoice

Print and PDF options for prescription

Patient wise Medicine History

Most Selling Medicine Report

14) Laboratory

Laboratorist list

Upload lab reports for each patient

Get Alert for new patient Lab reports

Generate Diagnosis Report

Customizable Lab reports

Print lab report with Doctor / Microbiologist sign for legal purpose

15) Blood Bank

Blood Group wise Stock

Add, Edit and Delete From the List

Blood Donor List

Add Blood Donor

Dispatched Blood List

Dispatch Blood to the Patient

16) Ambulance

List of Ambulance

Add, Edit, Delete and View Ambulance

Add Ambulance Request

Ambulance with full driver details

Ambulance Request List

Request Date, Time, Charges and Patient Name

17) Bed/ICU Management

Bed Management

Category wise Add New Bed

Add New Bed Category

Bed Allotment

Assign Bed to Nurse

Transfer Bed

Automated Billing for each bed assigned

18) Continuous Monitoring

Patient’s Monitoring Reports List

Add a Patient Monitoring report on a daily basis

Monitoring reports have all kinds of body vitals like temperature, BP etc

Custom fields in Monitoring reports

WhatsApp and Email Notifications for Monitoring reports

Patient’s Monitoring reports chart

19) Instrument Management

Instrument List with Photos

Add Instruments with Firm, Asset and Invoice Info

Instruments are assigned Daily basis

Instruments are assigned hourly basis

Multiple instruments are assigned to patients

Create charges and invoices for Instruments

Automated billing for assigned instruments

20) Multiple User Roles




Support Staff


Laboratory Staff


Super Admin

21) General Settings

System Settings

WhatsApp Settings

Form Settings

Assessment Templates

Custom Fields


Consent Forms

Mail Templates

Access Rights

Audit Logs

22) Localization

40+ Languages support worldwide

4 Different Types of Date Format

Set Time Zone

100+ Currency support worldwide

Online/Offline Payment

Multiple Payment Gateway – Stripe, Paypal, RazorPay, Paytm

23) Reporting and Analytics

Patients Reports

Diagnosis Reports

Monitoring Reports

Appointment Reports

Bed Occupancy Reports

Operation Reports

Operation Fail Reports

Income Reports

Billing and Sales Reports

Custom Filters

Easy to Export

24) Government Compliance

Audit Logs

HIPAA Compliance

Carefully monitor security

Data is secured with SSL encryption

Performing frequent data backups

Data being transmitted and stored in databases

25) Invoicing/Medical Billing

Complete medical billing

Record payment in multiple parts – Receipts


Custom Taxes module

Adjustments(Discounts) and Fees



26) Payments

Integrated Online Payments

Support 100+ Currency from Stripe

Online Booking Payment Policies

Accept Credit Cards

Multiple Payment gateways PayPal, Stripe, Paytm, Razorpay

Payment with UPI

27) Support

Email Support

Phone Support

Chat Support

Technical Support

NiftyHMS Features make it Easy

For Doctors

Revenue Increased


Reduction in staff Expenses

Reduction in staff

Reduction in patient Waiting time

Reduction in patient
Waiting time

Patients Increased


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