The Indian government predicts that healthcare will be transformed by AI before 2030, making it more accessible and efficient. NiftyHMS is at the forefront of this change, leading the way. Let’s work together to create a healthier future. Join us on our journey of innovation!

Aspect Before 2010 During 2020: WhatsApp Chatbot with
Future 2030: AI Revolutionwith NiftyHMS
Appointment BookingAppointment
Phone calls WhatsApp chatbots streamline booking AI Assistant will book a doctor’s appointment by talking to you like a Virtual friend
Medical RecordsMedical Records
Paper-based Web-based records AI summarizing relevant data, identifying key insights, and highlighting critical findings
Patient Interaction with support staffPatient Interaction
with support staff
In-person visits On whatsApp and call AI systems can answer patients’ questions, provide guidance on preventive care measures
Administrative TasksAdministrative Tasks Manual and time-consuming Managed through EMR systems AI driven personalized messages to patients via email, text, or voice calls, prompting them to schedule appointments, follow-ups and adhere to treatment plans.
Disease Prediction Disease
Based on Reports Based on historical data AI can detect early signs of diseases, predict patient outcomes, and flag potential risks based on historical data.
Lab ReportsLab Reports Manual handling Digitalized reports AI-powered image analysis tools can highlight areas of concern, quantify disease severity, and facilitate more accurate interpretations of medical images.
PrescriptionsPrescriptions Handwritten or printed Electronic prescriptions AI-Assisted Speech to Text-based Prescription
Medicine DeliveryMedicine
In-person collection Delivered at Home AI-powered Drone Delivery
Body VitalsBody Vitals Manual measurement of vital during appointments. Automated tracking of Body vitals using digital tools. AI continuously monitors and interprets body vitals.
Patient Monitoring
Patient Monitoring
Monitoring is limited to in-person visits or periodic
Continuous monitoring is enabled through digital systems. AI-driven CCTV to detect patient face emotions, body posture ensuring real-time patient care and sending alerts.
Preventive CarePreventive
Emphasis on reactive care with occasional check-ups. Introduction of proactive monitoring for early detection. AI Suggested tips on Health, Fitness, Lifestyle and Nutrition to Prevent Disease.

AI-driven healthcare, the journey has been remarkable, with NiftyHMS at the forefront of innovation. With AI, healthcare will become more personalized, predictive, and efficient, promising an exciting future for all.