With COVID-19, it has become increasingly more difficult to access doctors with mask mandates, lockdowns, and fears of becoming ill. Patients of all demographics from toddlers to elders are looking for alternative forms of medicine and care. Telemedicine and nurses at home have become a widespread option by patients seeking treatment since the start of the pandemic. Care at home is an effective and safe method for medical treatment to consider.

You may be wondering why you should look into care at home. This option provides a slew of benefits for patients and may offer them not only cheaper but higher quality care. The first benefit of care at home is increased independence. With specialized and personal attention from a private professional, elders have the ability to control more of their free time in the comfort of their own home compared to being put into a nursing home or senior center where they may have to stay in their rooms or only have the option of watching TV. A second benefit is safety by having all the everyday necessities at home. Care at home through nurses or telemedicine allows patients to keep distance from other sick individuals and gives them more chances to relax by having their own private kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Saving money is another vital and important benefit of care at home. By being home, it reduces the chances of accumulating expensive hospital bills. Lastly and most importantly, care at home provides more opportunities for family time. Family members may have trouble commuting to a nursing or senior center due to work, having to run errands, or take care of children. Staying at home allows family members to be able to interact before and after work or any other obligations.

Additionally, it allows privacy and other relatives to be able to come over and stay longer with the patient.

Medicine can look different for every family. From an at-home nurse to telemedicine, care at home cuts down time and money by saving a trip to a physical office or hospital. There are multiple benefits including independence, safety, finances, and family time. These factors play a role in recovery. Care at home is a differing experience from your traditional medical practice but can provide the possibility for higher quality medical treatment to the patient through increased comfort and personal attention.

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