Virtual healthcare, telemedicine, and telehealth are all common terms that have been used when referring to human healthcare. Telehealth has created more accessible and convenient care for yourself but what if this could also be said for your furry friends, your beloved pets. The need for virtual pet care has become even more necessary since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This implementation of virtual pet care has increasingly become a crucial addition to veterinary clinics and hospitals.

You may be wondering how virtual pet care will help the practice and the client. There are many pet owners who care deeply about their pets but since their pets cannot remind them or tell them about their needs it is typical that their health may be overlooked. Pet owners can be sent reminders of the importance of their pet’s once-a-year checkup by offering virtual care. Along with improving the consistency of pet care, pet owners are less likely to do their own research and diagnose their own pet if telemedicine is an option in times of need. Increasing the veterinary convenience can help the pet avoid a false diagnosis that could lead to a worse health condition. Along with offering virtual services, your practice will be able to see more patients and you can create a more flexible schedule for yourself.

There are many other ways that telemedicine can also ease the pet’s experience. Elderly pets or those pets who may have in the past faced medical trauma, are able to be seen from the comfort of the pet’s home. This is great for these groups of animals because they may not have the mobility to travel to and from the veterinary office easily. Anxious pets will also be able to receive pet care avoiding the stress that may be caused by the veterinary office environment. Not only the pet avoids more stress but their owner avoids the stress of transporting them to and from the office. This encourages their owner to seek more professional treatment instead of their own research. Therefore, both the pet and the owner benefit more overall.

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