Electronic medical records are medical software utilized by practices to store and access patient information digitally such as medical charts. EMR began in the 1960’s when doctors began to record patient’s health history rather than just diagnosing them on the spot. Today, EMR can be used to schedule appointments, retrieve previous data, and bill insurance. Electronic medical records continue to improve with modern-day technology and can increase the efficiency of medical practices and the quality of care for patients.

Using electronic medical records has a multitude of benefits. One benefit is accuracy of information. Accuracy is achieved through EMR by allowing doctors to quickly access and organize information entered about patients being diagnosed. It also results in efficient and safer care because it decreases mistakes made by professionals and allows for more coordinated efforts in the exam room. Another benefit of EMR is safety and security. It provides the doctors the opportunity to confidentially communicate patient information through a private network and allows administrators to see up-to-date results on diagnosis, lab results, and prescriptions. A third benefit is administrative tasks. Electronic medical records permit healthcare workers at medical facilities to send accurate prescriptions to pharmacies and streamline bills to insurance companies. This benefit creates a more cohesive experience and reduces workplace stress while promoting productivity. The final reason is promoting communication with patients. EMR enables patients to text and leaves messages directly with an office rather than having them leave a voicemail or sit through long wait times to speak with an employee.

Electronic medical records is a healthcare product that has changed with the times. With 21st-century technology, information can be stored in cloud servers, documents can be signed electronically, and doctors’ appointments can be conducted at home through telemedicine. EMR improves quality of care by increasing accessibility to patient information, by decreasing the chances of errors through promoting accuracy of prescriptions and billing, and by providing an alternative and effective channel of communication for patients.

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