Online consulting has become the norm for many professionals, with the rise of remote working due to the pandemic. While this is now what some businesses have as a regular working experience, the healthcare community is a little slower to follow. Those in the healthcare profession that have been able to implement some of the remote aspects in their everyday life have found that it has greatly benefited their work-life balance.

Online healthcare platforms help remove the space for human error. Having a calendar on the site platform so other patients can see the availability of the doctors helps them have a better understanding of the doctor’s schedule. Also, by having a calendar the doctor can input their vacation time which then can automatically notify any patients who had appointments during that time that the doctor would be unavailable. This prevents patients from not being informed when their appointment was canceled.

Along with a more manageable platform, by offering online consulting doctors can cut down on no-show appointments and tardiness. Typically, people are more likely to arrive on time for virtual appointments since traffic and transportation are not a factor. Along with virtual appointments just requiring a quiet area opens more possible appointment times for most patients. Virtual appointments are also commonly paid for prior to the appointment and so people are less likely to not show up and waste the doctor’s time.

Finally, offering virtual consulting allows doctors to have more control over their own work hours and where they work. If doctors are able to work from home some days, they will not have to work on their commute and will be able to be more productive in their personal life as well.