The patient has booked primary care physician appointments on Whatsapp and gets confirmation quickly. Remote consulting was done via WhatsApp and delivered A1C tests were in advance to send back via mail at home.

Phase: Diagnosis

Archatype: Emerging risk
Doesn’t drive; has a husband and a son
50 years old; has obesity and other risk factors potentially related to diabetes
Current state
Schedules routine in-person wellness appointment with primary care physician (PCP) in an office
PCP orders urine sample and A1C test (blood test for glucose levels) to screen for diabetes
Potential future state
Schedules routine telehealth wellness appointments
Because of diabetes risk factors, urine and A1C tests shipped in advance to send back via mail
PCP discusses results via a telehealth visit
Care at Home interventions
At-home diagnostics via mail
Telehealth PCP visit

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