Schedule Routine Appointments Via Whatsapp

The patient has booked primary care physician appointments on Whatsapp and gets confirmation quickly. Remote consulting was done via WhatsApp and delivered A1C tests were in advance to send back via mail at home. Phase: Diagnosis Archatype: Emerging risk Doesn't drive; has a husband and a son 50 years old; has obesity and other risk factors potentially related to diabetes Current state Schedules routine in-person wellness appointment with primary care physician (PCP) in an [...]

Top 5 Veterinary Software for Your Practice

Veterinary practices require a range of software to run their day-to-day operations. This article lists the top five veterinary software providers for your vet practice. With over 50% of pet owners considering their vet for health and wellness advice, it should be no surprise that many practices are seeking veterinary software to improve patient care. Find out more about the top 5 veterinary software providers and how they can help your practice Idexx Cornerstone: Idexx Cornerstone is a practice management [...]

The Expansion of US Veterinary Telehealth Post Covid-19

In March of 2020, the United States started to experience the effects of COVID-19 a global pandemic that had already touched many other parts of the world. A nationwide shutdown was put in place, many businesses had to halt operations completely. Those most important in our life could not receive the treatment they needed, our pets. Although our pets were not the culprits of the spread of COVID-19 they felt the effects. No longer was veterinary clinics able to operate [...]

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