Shailya Hospital, a top healthcare provider in India, is growing its footprint and aims to make its operations highly Efficient. To do this, they started using the NiftyHMS software, which lets patients book appointments through WhatsApp and helps manage medical records and prescriptions easily.

Challenges Faced by Shailya Hospital:

  • Appointment Booking Inefficiencies: The traditional appointment booking system led to delays and confusion for both staff and patients.
  • Tedious Medical Record Handling: Handling a lot of patient information by hand takes a long time and could lead to mistakes.
  • Prescription Management Complexity: The way They manage prescriptions, which includes handwritten, faced challenges in efficiency. It posed difficulties for patients to conveniently carry their prescriptions, impacting the overall experience.

Solution of NiftyHMS:

  • WhatsApp Appointment Booking: Using WhatsApp to book appointments completely changed how they schedule them. Now, patients can easily book, change, or cancel appointments through a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Efficient Medical Records Management: NiftyHMS set up a single system for keeping a complete log of medical records. This makes it easier to find patient info quickly when needed during appointments. Also, patients can view their medical records and reports in a mobile app.
  • Seamless Prescription Management: NiftyHMS allows healthcare professionals to use digital methods for prescribing and managing medicines. Also, it made it possible to send prescriptions directly to patients on WhatsApp and the pharmacy for convenient delivery.


  • Reduction in staff Expenses: Achieved a 40% reduction in administrative staff, demonstrating enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Improved Patient Experience: Realized a 50% reduction in appointment scheduling time, streamlining the process for improved patient experience.
  • Revenue Increased: 90% pre-payment before appointment time, effectively eliminating no-shows and ensuring a smoother workflow.

NiftyHMS software transformed Shailya Hospital’s operations, addressing key challenges and bringing efficiency to their healthcare delivery.