As technological advancements continue to soar, people today have increasingly relied on new technology. This reliance has expanded vastly into the medical world. Today, many medical offices are altering their practices to comply with the accessibility technology brings.

Many people today refer to this virtual phenomenon as healthcare 4.0. Healthcare 4.0 includes virtual consulting, EMR, and wearable technology. Virtual consulting has so far become the most prevalent within the healthcare community. In 2021 the Assistant secretary of Evolution and Planning researched telehealth. Their research found that within the last 4 weeks of conducting their survey, 1 in 4 adults reported having an appointment with a healthcare professional via phone or video call. This proves the necessity of offering these services to patients.

Research also found that those who have Medicaid or Medicare insurance were most likely to utilize telehealth visits. Many of these people may have difficulty finding healthcare professionals that will accept their insurance within a reasonable distance. This may make going in person to the office complex. Virtual healthcare eliminates these difficulties for the patients.

Accessibility to necessary knowledge and treatment will help improve the overall quality of life for those impacted. Offering virtual solutions will not only provide this knowledge and treatment to a larger amount of people but will also make it easier to reach more remote areas. Along with increasing accessibility to professionals by providing an online platform, people can find their own health documents within one simple platform creating an easier solution to remembering a patient’s health background. There is a current need to provide virtual healthcare that will improve a practice’s overall reach and its patient’s quality of life.

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