In today’s world, we are surrounded by technology, and many professionals have worked to help use this to their advantage. Along with the spread of COVID-19, the need and accessibility to healthcare have increased greatly. It has become necessary for all types of healthcare practices to provide virtual care. Virtual care benefits both the patient and the professional allowing for increased flexibility and increased patient intake.

Virtual care healthcare professionals no longer consider travel time for each patient’s visit, reducing the rate of no-shows and tardiness. This can allow professionals to take in new patients by freeing up the time that would originally be used to buffer these problems. On top of reducing tardiness, by having a virtual platform to create appointments, patients are given easier access than if they had to call to make each appointment. People are more likely to go to their doctor if they can easily make an appointment on their own time instead of having to call during office hours. This is because many people tend to work during healthcare practice hours which can make it hard for them to make a personal call during that time.

Having a web platform will also create a direct place for patients to go we they are interested in finding a new healthcare practice. This platform will be able to quickly inform those interested if the practice is receiving any new patients and provides a website that can be easily linked through virtual advertisements. Digital marketing is a crucial part of developing any business so having a digital platform allows digital marketing to be more effective. Having an online platform for patients leads to learning more about your practice and making their own appointment will increase patient intake and overall practice revenue.