NiftyHMS is a cloud-based software that is essential to developing a virtual healthcare practice. We at NiftyHMS have developed a platform that allows patients to be seen virtually, have easy access to the medical records, create a more efficient billing process, and is compatible with at home healthcare equipment. This one software can allow a practice to increase patients, improve accessibility, and allow for more flexibility with a simple installation.

The need for virtual healthcare has grown increasingly important since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has taught many how easily disease can spread. This has increased the need for those that may be sick with a contagious illness to limit their interactions with others. This is difficult when patients cannot see their personal doctors virtually and may encourage them to seek out other virtual care. By offering virtual medicine professionals are able to keep all of their patients’ medical records easily accessible.

Our software provides a central hub for patient medical history, prescriptions, and data from home healthcare medical equipment. The software also creates an easy and central location for the healthcare providers to monitor and set up their appointments. This creates a larger flexibility for both the patient and the healthcare provider. By reducing the amount of time needed in between each patient visits and removing the potential risk of tardiness from traffic, healthcare providers will be able to see more patients allowing them to help more people and increase income.

Online platforms will also connect to billing and allow patients to have a clear understanding of what their insurance covers and what they are being charged for. NiftyHMS is a great way to expand your business with the modern day as we move more towards the expansion of virtual healthcare.

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