From availability to accessibility, there are numerous barriers for patients seeking to receive high-quality healthcare. Time is one huge factor preventing individuals from being treated by medical professionals. Scheduling and attending a visit take a large chunk of time out of one’s day from traveling to the office and getting vitals taken before being seen by a doctor. The average commute for an appointment is 34 minutes. NiftyHMS is a telemedicine solution for reducing travel time for in-person appointments.

Digital healthcare saves time and money and can protect from catching other illnesses. With remote doctors consulting, patients can receive healthcare from the comfort of their home. They don’t have to spend time traveling and passing time in a waiting before being seen by a physician. Additionally, it saves money because virtual appointments are cheaper than in-person visits but still offer the same level of high-quality care. Lastly, it eliminates the risk of catching COVID-19 or other diseases when around other patients being who may already be sick.

Telemedicine is a safe and effective option for receiving medical care that reduces travel time. Individuals may have issues commuting to appointments because they may not have a vehicle, or the closest office or hospital may be over an hour away like in rural areas. These factors discourage patients from scheduling appointments when they may have a serious health condition. NiftyHMS makes it easier than ever to receive treatment and provides an opportunity for rural patients to communicate with medical professionals.

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