The Future of Consulting in Healthcare 4.0

As technological advancements continue to soar, people today have increasingly relied on new technology. This reliance has expanded vastly into the medical world. Today, many medical offices are altering their practices to comply with the accessibility technology brings. Many people today refer to this virtual phenomenon as healthcare 4.0. Healthcare 4.0 includes virtual consulting, EMR, and wearable technology. Virtual consulting has so far become the most prevalent within the healthcare community. In 2021 the Assistant secretary of Evolution [...]

Remote Consulting Software for Healthcare – Is it a Good Idea?

COVID-19 has caused drastic changes in healthcare around the world. One of the most notable and visible effects caused by on-going health crisis is remote consulting software for healthcare. According to the American Psychiatric Association (2021), “Nearly four in ten Americans (38%) have used telehealth services to meet with a medical or mental health professional, up from 31% in the fall of 2020. Among those using telehealth services, the vast majority have used the services since the start of the [...]

Your Nifty Solution to Telehealth

NiftyHMS is a cloud-based software that is essential to developing a virtual healthcare practice. We at NiftyHMS have developed a platform that allows patients to be seen virtually, have easy access to the medical records, create a more efficient billing process, and is compatible with at home healthcare equipment. This one software can allow a practice to increase patients, improve accessibility, and allow for more flexibility with a simple installation. The need for virtual healthcare has grown increasingly [...]

Launching NiftyHMS

NiftyHMS has just gone live! NiftyHMS is a secure, cost-effective healthcare software to deliver proactive patient care. This mobile and web-based platform stores patients’ complete health records, enables instant access to emergency care, provides a quick and easy approach to scheduling appointments with care providers, sets reminders and records patient vitals. If you want to increase the profitability and efficiency of your practice - Clinic, Click here to Schedule a NiftyHMS Demo.

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