How Online Consulting Revolutionized the Doctor’s Work-Life Balance

Online consulting has become the norm for many professionals, with the rise of remote working due to the pandemic. While this is now what some businesses have as a regular working experience, the healthcare community is a little slower to follow. Those in the healthcare profession that have been able to implement some of the remote aspects in their everyday life have found that it has greatly benefited their work-life balance. Online healthcare platforms help remove the space for [...]

The Power of Patient Leads: How Doctors Can Increase Revenues

In today’s world, we are surrounded by technology, and many professionals have worked to help use this to their advantage. Along with the spread of COVID-19, the need and accessibility to healthcare have increased greatly. It has become necessary for all types of healthcare practices to provide virtual care. Virtual care benefits both the patient and the professional allowing for increased flexibility and increased patient intake. Virtual care healthcare professionals no longer consider travel time for each patient’s visit, reducing [...]

Reducing Travel Time for In-Person Appointments

From availability to accessibility, there are numerous barriers for patients seeking to receive high-quality healthcare. Time is one huge factor preventing individuals from being treated by medical professionals. Scheduling and attending a visit take a large chunk of time out of one’s day from traveling to the office and getting vitals taken before being seen by a doctor. The average commute for an appointment is 34 minutes. NiftyHMS is a telemedicine solution for reducing travel time for in-person appointments.Digital healthcare [...]

Improving Healthcare in Rural Areas

Healthcare is a necessity that every individual needs regardless of life circumstances such as geography. Backcountries are places that tend to be secluded and farther from everyday institutions and resources. As a result of the location, locals in farm towns are more likely to have issues when seeking treatment. Availability, accessibility, and affordability are important factors to consider when improving healthcare in rural areas. Availability is vital to healthcare because patients in rural areas may need medical care the same-day [...]

3 Benefits of Doctor Consulting from the Comfort of Your Home

With innovation and improvement of modern-day technology in the 21st century, there have been an increase in methods of medical treatment. An alternative method is remote doctor consultations. You may be wondering why you should look into this alternative. Here are 3 benefits of doctor consultation from home: Save Money: Virtual doctors’ visits can cost as low as $40 in comparison to $120 in-person visits. Save Time: Online visits are easier to schedule and eliminates the need for travel. Furthermore, [...]

Care at Home May Deliver More Value and Higher-Quality Care

With COVID-19, it has become increasingly more difficult to access doctors with mask mandates, lockdowns, and fears of becoming ill. Patients of all demographics from toddlers to elders are looking for alternative forms of medicine and care. Telemedicine and nurses at home have become a widespread option by patients seeking treatment since the start of the pandemic. Care at home is an effective and safe method for medical treatment to consider. You may be wondering why you should [...]

The Future of Consulting in Healthcare 4.0

As technological advancements continue to soar, people today have increasingly relied on new technology. This reliance has expanded vastly into the medical world. Today, many medical offices are altering their practices to comply with the accessibility technology brings. Many people today refer to this virtual phenomenon as healthcare 4.0. Healthcare 4.0 includes virtual consulting, EMR, and wearable technology. Virtual consulting has so far become the most prevalent within the healthcare community. In 2021 the Assistant secretary of Evolution [...]

Remote Consulting Software for Healthcare – Is it a Good Idea?

COVID-19 has caused drastic changes in healthcare around the world. One of the most notable and visible effects caused by on-going health crisis is remote consulting software for healthcare. According to the American Psychiatric Association (2021), “Nearly four in ten Americans (38%) have used telehealth services to meet with a medical or mental health professional, up from 31% in the fall of 2020. Among those using telehealth services, the vast majority have used the services since the start of the [...]

Digital transformation leads to happier clients, healthier pets & revenue growth

Virtual healthcare, telemedicine, and telehealth are all common terms that have been used when referring to human healthcare. Telehealth has created more accessible and convenient care for yourself but what if this could also be said for your furry friends, your beloved pets. The need for virtual pet care has become even more necessary since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. This implementation of virtual pet care has increasingly become a crucial addition to veterinary clinics and hospitals. [...]

Launching NiftyHMS

NiftyHMS has just gone live! NiftyHMS is a secure, cost-effective healthcare software to deliver proactive patient care. This mobile and web-based platform stores patients’ complete health records, enables instant access to emergency care, provides a quick and easy approach to scheduling appointments with care providers, sets reminders and records patient vitals. If you want to increase the profitability and efficiency of your practice - Clinic, Click here to Schedule a NiftyHMS Demo.

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